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BakBar dredge booms provide a stable platform to pull double or triple tier dredges from any size boat.  The boom is designed to widen the fishing spread and allow the dredges to be pulled in clean water, producing more bites.  The BakBar dredge boom is manufactured with a high strength aluminum alloy to withstand the heavy loads required by today's growing dredges.  The aluminum is finished with a high performance AAMA 2605 Duranar finish, designed specifically for resistance to weather and salt.  All BakBar dredge booms come standard with a #4 (80lb), silver, Aftco ferrule.  The eye bolts and hardware all consist of marine grade 316 stainless steel.  BakBar dredge booms consist of 3 eyebolts, 2 for an A-frame pulley design and 1 for a tie-back line.  

6' BakBar Dredge Boom

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