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BakBar Teaser Booms provide a practical and convenient option to pull your teasers through your outriggers.  The BakBar Teaser Boom is 3' long, keeping it easy to stow and less obstruction when fishing. Simply fish the BakBar Teaser Boom directly from the gunwale, aimed towards your outrigger.  This will allow you to leave the BakBar Teaser Boom in place while reeling the teaser in and allow the teaser to hang from the outrigger. The BakBar Teaser Boom is manufactured with a high strength aluminum alloy to withstand the rigorous demands of fishing. The aluminum is finished with a high performance AAMA 2605 Duranar finish, designed specifically for resistance to weather and salt.  All BakBar Teaser Booms come standard with a #4 (80lb), silver, Aftco ferrule.  The eye bolts and hardware all consist of marine grade 316 stainless steel.  BakBar Teaser booms has 1 eyebolt on the end to guide your teaser line to the outrigger.  The BakBar Teaser Boom does not include a butt.   

4' BakBar Teaser Boom

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